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      3. Knowledge of material selection for wire harness processing Release time:2018/9/25 19:20:31    Views:

        Wiring harness is a very simple thing in the understanding of many customers, not much technical content, but in the understanding of a senior engineer, wiring harness connector is a key component of equipment, equipment performance and reliability often have a great relationship with wiring harness connector. First of all, in terms of material selection.

        Knowledge of material selection for wire harness processing

        Different application environment conditions have different requirements for wires, connectors and even auxiliary materials, and the adaptability between different materials is also important. These should be taken into consideration in the design stage. Material selection, processing and manufacturing stages are also important, appropriate processing equipment, mold and processing technology, testing equipment and testing means are necessary to ensure that the entire harness product quality is excellent.

        Yinghuazhi has more than ten years of accumulated production and processing technology, has a variety of high-end domestic and foreign customer cooperation experience, familiar with various industry standards. Can help customers in the product design stage to provide proposal, can perfect processing of various types of connector harness products. And provide customers with the most intimate service. Rich product technical knowledge and experience, complete production processing and testing equipment, customer-oriented spirit of sincere service, is our inexhaustible pursuit of power.

        The company has ISO 9001 quality management system certification, the automobile industry requires the company has TS16949 quality control system certification. All our materials meet ROHS environmental requirements. Testing equipment includes salt spray tester, aging tester, waterproof tester, tensile tester, CCD observer, terminal profile analyzer, high voltage tester, low resistance tester, harness comprehensive tester, etc.

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