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      3. Focus on "intelligent manufacturing" to steadily upgrade the high-end value chain of the industry Release time:2018/9/18 15:39:59    Views:

        The function of automobile wiring harness in vehicle is to transmit or exchange the power signal or data signal of power system to realize the function and requirement of power system. It is the main body of the automobile circuit, and there is no automobile circuit without wiring harness. The design and manufacture process of automotive wiring harness is very complicated. The engineer of wiring harness is required to be careful and meticulous. If the wiring harness is not well designed and the functions of each part can not be combined organically, the wiring harness may become a frequent link of automobile faults. Next, I briefly talk about the specific process of design and manufacture of automobile wiring harness.

        Firstly, the electric power layout engineer provides the function of the whole vehicle electric power system, electric load and related special requirements. The state of the electrical apparatus, the installation position, the wiring form of wiring harness and electrical appliances.

        Secondly, according to the power function and requirement provided by the power layout engineer, the whole vehicle power schematic diagram and circuit diagram can be drawn.

        Thirdly, according to the power principle loop, each power subsystem and loop is allocated energy, including the power line, and the distribution of grounding points.

        Fourth, according to the distribution of power components in each subsystem, determine the wiring form of wiring harness, each wiring harness connects the electrical components and the direction on the car; determine the external protection form of wiring harness and through-hole protection; determine the fuse or circuit breaker according to the power load; and then determine the wire diameter according to the amount of fuse or circuit breaker; According to the function of the electrical appliance, the wire color of the conductor is determined according to the relevant standards, and the type of terminal and sheath docked with the conductor harness is determined according to the external program of the electrical appliance itself.

        Five, draw two dimensional wiring harness and 3D wiring harness layout.

        Sixth, according to the approved three-dimensional wiring harness layout map, check the two-dimensional wiring harness map, two-dimensional wiring harness map is accurate before the map can be issued, approved, according to the wiring harness map trial production.

        The above six processes are too general to describe. Many problems will be encountered in the design of automotive wiring harness. It is necessary for the wiring harness designer to analyze them calmly to ensure the rationality and reliability of the wiring harness design and ensure the smooth progress of the whole vehicle circuit design.

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